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D-tAcq Solutions using MDSplus segments for high speed long pulse data acquisition

Long pulse data capture with live update

  • Continuous streaming data from digitizer to MDSplus
  • 96ch x 500kHz = 96MB/s
  • Streams to Linux host computer with MDSplus trees on SSD, 1000s.
  • Live data plots with MDSplus and EPICS
  • Continuous archive to MDSplus using long pulse extensions

The key tech behind this is:

  1. PCI-Express streaming interface
  2. SSD - fast disk drive
  3. MDSOBJECTS segmented put (C++ lib used)
  4. Use BIG segments (last year they were big, but not big enough)
  5. Partition the problem over multiple cores and subtrees.

Presentation and Demonstration Videos

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Presentation Presentation Introduction
Demo Demo Demo
Archive Archive MDSplus Archive
Cleanup Cleanup Post Shot Cleanup

More information about D-TACQ products used in these demonstrations can be found here: