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MDSplus provides mechanisms to access data stored in 'non-native' file formats. These mechanisms have been used to create MDSplus bridges to:

  1. MDS (original) data sets
  2. TFTR data
  3. PT data - DIIID
  4. JPF/PPF data - JET
  5. HDF5 files

among many others. Using these gateways, the mdsip network protocalls can be used to provide remote access to almost any data source. In addtion, all of the MDSplus data display and access tools can be used on these data.

Large Descriptors

An exploratory prototype of expanding MDSplus internal data descriptors to accommodate very large data records was developed in 2010-2011. For more details on this work see Extended Descriptors to Handle Very Large Records.

MDSip Plugins

In 2010-2011, the MDSip client/server facility of MDSplus was reorganized to separate the message processing of MDSip from the underlying communications layer to allow various plugins to be added. This permits the use of low level communication layers that can provide secure authentication and authorization and high speed communication without modification of the higher level MDSip message handling. For more details on this work see Documentation:Reference:MDSIP