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TDI (Tree Data Interface) Information

To use a new locally written TDI function (.FUN file) in an MDSPlus node or expression, it is necessary to put the file into the search-list MDS$PATH (VMS) or MDS_PATH (all other platforms). When defining the MDS_PATH environment variable use a semi-colon to delimit the directories to be searched. MDSplus will look at those directories (and all directories below those directories in the file system) when trying to find a TDI function. You should be cautious when defining MDS_PATH to avoid time consuming searches through unrelated directories. For instance, if you have private tdi functions you should might put them in a subdirectory of your login directory. Don't put your login directory in MDS_PATH but instead put this specific subdirectory. That way MDSplus will not need to search all the subdirectories of your login directory when trying to find a function. For example:

$ export MDS_PATH=/usr/local/mdsplus/tdi\;/home/twf/tdi

This would first look for functions in the standard MDSplus location and then if it can't find it there, look in the /home/twf/tdi directory tree.

Intrinsics PDF

TDI Builtins PDF

Intrinsics - the built-in functions provided by TDI

One line call descriptions with links to full descriptions
Intrinsics grouped by function
Compiling Intrinsics
Constant Intrinsics
Elemental Intrinsics
Inquiry Intrinsics
IO Intrinsics
MDS Intrinsics
Miscellaneous Intrinsics
Statement Intrinsics
Transformation Intrinsics
Variable Intrinsics





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TDI$ direct calls