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MDSplus was originally designed and implemented starting in 1987 by a collaboration formed between the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Ma, the Istituto Gas Ionizatti in Padova, Italy, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM. The original core team consisted of:

With input from:

Over the years many others have contributed and continue to contribute to the development of MDSplus either by providing code, tracking down bugs, improving the documenation or most importantly requesting enhancements which makes the system more useful to more people. The following people are most actively enhancing MDSplus:

  • Tom Fredian, MIT - MDSplus internals
  • Josh Stillerman, MIT - MDSplus internals, device support
  • Gabriele Manduchi, IGI - MDSplus internals, java applications
  • Andrea Rigoni - MDSplus internals, platform builds and testing
  • Timo Timo Schröder - MDSplus internals, python
  • Keith Erickson - MDSplus Internals, code refactoring

In addition, we should mention a few colleagues that have been instrumental in making MDSplus what it is today.

  • Basil Duval, EPFL - MATLAB interface
  • Darren Garnier, MIT - MacOSX port
  • Mark London, MIT - MDSplus web site internals
  • Tom Gibney, PPPL - MDSplus port to unix/windows
  • Jeff Schachter, MIT/GA - Fortran API and IDL applications such as ReviewPlus
  • Justin Burruss, GA - FusionGrid, MDSplus Documentation
  • Bill Meyer, LLNL - MDSplus port to unix/windows
  • Phyllis Roney, PPPL - MDSplus Documentation, device support
  • Tom Osborne, GA - Python interface
  • Wolfgang Suttrop, IPP - Tcl/Tk interface, scilab interface, odbc interface