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Text Data Type in MDSplus

MDSplus supports scalars or arrays of text strings. Text strings are limited to lengths of 64K characters.

Expression evaluator (TDI) operations used on Text Data Type

The following table lists some of the more common operations performed on the text datatype:

Function Description
ADJUSTL Adjust string left
ADJUSTR Adjust string right
BSEARCH Binary search
BUILD_PATH Convert string to node reference
BUILD_WITH_UNITS Attach units to value
COMPILE Compile string into TDI expression
CONCAT Concatenate strings
DATE_TIME Convert quadword internal time to string
DECOMPILE Convert compiled expression or value to string
ELEMENT Extract element of string
EQ [==] Test for equality
EXECUTE Compile and evaluate string
EXTRACT Extract portion of string
FOPEN Open a file
GE [>=] Test for greater or equal
GT [>] Test for greater
INDEX Locate substring in string
LE [<=] Test for less or equal
LEN Length of string
LEN_TRIM Length of string without trailing white space
LGE Test for greater or equal
LGT Test for greater
LLE Test for less or equal
LLT [<=] Test for less
LT [<] Test for less
MAKE_WITH_UNITS Attach units to value
NE [!=] Test for not equal
REPEAT [>] Concatenate copies of string
SCAN Scan a string for character in set
SORT Make index list of sorted elements in array
SORTVAL Sort elements in array
TEXT Convert to text
TRANSLATE Replace matching characters
TRIM Remove trailing white space
UNION Reduce array to unique values
UNITS Get the units
UNITS_OF Get the units
UPCASE Convert to uppercase
VERIFY Verify that a set of characters in string