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MDSplus packages are available for a number of computing platforms. Additional platforms can usually be supported by downloading the MDSplus sources and building directly on the computer where you want to run MDSplus.


MDSplus for Redhat Linux Distributions

Redhat Linux uses the Redhat Package Manager and the installation kits are stored as rpm files. Redhat systems also provide package distribution and updates using yum repositories. Here is a link to the Latest RPM's and Yum repositories to find the yum repository setup and the latest rpm downloads.

Microsoft Windows Distributions

Setup programs are available for the Microsoft Windows platform. Both 64-bit and 32-bit kits are available. The 64-bit kits contain both 64-bit and 32-bit libraries and programs so there is no need to install both a 64-bit kit and a 32-bit kit on a 64-bit system. Here is a link to the Latest Windows Distributions.

MDSplus for Ubuntu/Debian/RasberryPi

Ubuntu and Debian use a different packaging for their software installation kits than Redhat. Here is a link to the Latest Ubuntu/Debian Packages to find MDSplus packages for these systems.

MDSplus for Alpine Linux

Here is the link to the Alpine Linux downloads.

MDSplus for Mac OS X

Macintosh packages have been been built for some macintosh platforms. Click on Latest Macintosh Distributions to find information on installing MDSplus on Machintosh platforms.

MDSplus Sources

Stable: Tarball Zipfile
Alpha: Tarball Tarball

If you want to download sources for specific releases you can do so by accessing URL's constructed as follows:

where you can choose stable or alpha and replace the 6-1-84 with the version number desired. If a zip file is desired just replace the tar.gz with zip.

MDSplus Build System

MDSplus distributions are now being built using a build system called Jenkins. On a regular basis (currently nightly), MDSplus installation kits are being built for several computing platforms. Kits for each of three release levels; stable and alpha are updated as needed. These release levels correspond to the stable branch and alpha branch (HEAD) of the MDSplus git repository. Once the alpha branch has been tested and is relatively stable, that branch will be promoted to the next release level of the stable branch. When a branch is promoted, both the source branch and the destination branch will receive new version values (first and second fields of the kit version). For example, if a kit has a version of 4.1.2, the 4 is the major version number, the 1 is the minor version number, and the 2 is the release number. When major functional changes occur then the major version number will be incremented and the minor version and release numbers will be set to 0. When minor functional changes occur the minor release number is incremented and the release number is set to 0. When minor bug fixes are made to any of the branches, the release number will be incremented. This versioning is similar to the numbering used for most linux distributions.

Extra files

Extra files and bugfix downloads.

  1. Visual Basic
    1. MDSplus VB 2005
    2. MDSplus VB .NET
    3. MDSplus VB example
    4. MDSplus VB 2015